Our services

Here at Personal Care Specialists we match our carers with our service users to deliver our excellent home care services. Through this we ensure you feel comfortable and confident with us, as well as promoting wellbeing.

Please read below a description of our home care services:

  • Personal care– this includes washing, bathing, dressing and continence care. We ensure medication is taken and prepare food and drink. We can provide this service in slots from a half hour call to be extended as required. For example you may need one and a half hours in the morning to get showered, dried, dressed and breakfasted. We also wash up and sort out your washing if required.
  • Night sit – this is where our Care Worker is awake all night to attend to the needs of our Service User. This service includes changing bedding, promoting continence, prompting medication, companionship and the calling out other services required ie District Nurses, GP or an ambulance
  • Night sleep – our Care Worker has a bed to sleep in and they are asleep during the night, however they will be on hand in case of emergency, or if needed by the Service User for such tasks as assistance to the toilet. If our Care Worker is woken more than three times during the night, or if they are kept awake for more than two hours, this would then revert to a night sit service.
  • Daytime sit – this service is purely for companionship. We can take people out, or we can just sit with our Service User and keep them company. During this time we can also prepare food and drink for the Service User. Any mileage incurred will be charged at 45p per mile.
  • Cleaning – whilst delivering this service we will vacuum, dust, iron, see to washing, wash up, mop floors. Please note cleaning is light domestic duties only, we do not move heavy objects.
  • Shopping – we can either take our Service User to the supermarket to complete their own shopping with assistance, or if preferred we can go for them. All transactions are recorded and receipted. We will also put the shopping away once it is bought back to the home. Any mileage incurred will be charged at 45p per mile

If you would like a chat about any of our services, please contact Helen on 0113 345 0630 or 07904 657040. You can also email us at enquiry@personalcare4u.co.uk.